Organisational development

The structure or processes of your organisation may become inadequate. Creativelifelonglearning investigates with you the distance between your objective(s) and the means at your disposal. You specify your goal; we analyse with you the current situation and - always conscious of balancing investment with need - plot the contours to enable you to realise your organisational project. This comprises a beginning and an end, as well as moments of evaluation. During the course of its implementation, we agree on possible complementary modules on improving communication, leading meetings, decision-making processes, techniques of evaluation, etc.
Experience demonstrates that a conflict within an enterprise may reveal the need for change and signal the necessity for an OD project. At your request, we proceed to offer an initial analysis, a submission of hypotheses, and proposals for intervention. We discuss these with you; you decide upon the need for and the nature of the intervention. 

Our communal objective in organisational development is to increase your know-how in changing or challenging situations.