The life of a team is made up of action and reflection. The art consists in transforming what can be seen as opposition into a source of development and progress. In supervision sessions, Creativelifelonglearning uses practical examples from your work to train you in processes of active reflection and reflective action.

The members of the team learn to distinguish facts from personal experience, to describe situations objectively, to recognise the consequences of their own actions, to master intentional processes, and to imagine alternative scenarios of action. It is important that reflection includes individual responsibility – the condition for assuring an individual’s reliability.

Good collaboration may be endangered either temporarily or more long-term. Creativelifelonglearning initiates a process of clarification, taking all the necessary precautions. The participants are invited to hold a mirror up to the situation and to themselves. They are encouraged to think beyond their own positions and to rediscover communal intentions. The path to resolving a conflict is not an easy one, but allows the attainment of a new level of social cohesion and personal progress.

Our communal objective in supervision is to increase the potential of a team by increasing the capacity for action and reflection of each one of its members.